Understanding “human resources” is a decisive factor for the promotion of an enterprise; therefore, Hiep Hung Concrete Company always focuses on taking care of the employees’ lives and building workforce development policies.

All the staffs of the firm are carefully selected by considering experience in term of commercial concrete production and supply. With the efforts and dedication of a cohesive and professional team, we strongly believe that Hiep Hung will bring the best quality products as well as the most professional services to our customers.

  1. Fianncial accounting department
    • General Accountant
    • Cashier
    • Accountant
  2. Sales Department
    • salesperson
    • marketing
  3. Supplies department
    • manufacturing material
    • reserve material
    • procurement
  4. Manufacturing Department
    • staffs for mixing plant
  5. quality management Department
    • kcontrolling quality of products
    • kchecking the experiments of materials
    • technical documents
  6. PAdministration- Human resource Department
    • administration
    • Human resource
  7. Maintenance – Equipment Department
    • washing trucks
    • Maintenance team